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  • Open sew
  • Patch sew
  • Rough grinding
  • Fine polishing
  • Fine polishing
  • The finial result
Main Products
  • Q880 Large Floor GrinderThe Q880 large floor grinder features its super power 20HP variable speed electric motor that is warranted by global maintenance stations. The motor has the power more than enough to undertake the large-area industrial grinding. Its motor is made of aluminum alloy and can be dismantled easily for convenient transportation.
  • Q1500 Floor GrinderOur Q1500 floor grinder owns three 16.5hp motors and variable frequency device. That is the insurance of its excellent performance in concrete grinding. The motor is ergonomically designed and afford to non-stop work for 24 hours. The motor is also easy to remove or dismantle for easy transportation of machine. The grinding plate and gear box of our product are made of aluminum alloy, so is it with the motor. Thus our product can last long and have high structural strength.