Cup Wheel for Concrete Grinding

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Cup Wheel for Concrete Grinding

Our cup wheel for concrete grinding is a type of turbo grinding wheel with steel core. It is mainly used on angle grinder and is suitable for polishing concrete floor. Because the cup wheel is so sharp and durable, it can complete efficient polishing and is the best choice to polish granite and marble surfaces to keep them smooth. In addition, the product is appropriate for grinding some special area such as the area along wall corner or around columns and pipes and it is special good for polishing concrete masonry.

Technical specification
ModelDiameterWorking type
CW-A4'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
CW-6S1254'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
CW-241804'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
CW-8S1004'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
CW-S1004'' Dry Polishing
CW-24S1004'' Dry Polishing
XY-TGP7'' 10''Dry Polishing
XY-LSCP5'' 6'' 7''Dry Polishing
PCD-CW14'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
PCD-CW24'' 5'' 7''Dry Polishing
CW-18S1805'' 7'' 10''Wet/Dry
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Other Products
  • PCD Polishing PadPCD (Poly Crystal Diamond) polishing pad is mainly used to polish concrete and remove floor coating. It features durability and sharpness. Also called PCD disc and PCD cup wheel, it is very good for grinding concrete epoxy floor.
  • Concrete Polishing PadThe concrete polishing pad we manufactured is designed for polishing concrete. It is easy to dismantle and its diamond segments are fairly sharp and can grind cement or remove oxygen coating easily. We provide three types for option. HF is for hard cement floor, MF is for the cement floor of medium hardness, SF is suitable for soft cement floor.