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Dry and Wet Grinding Disc

Our dry and wet grinding disc is suitable for dry and wet grinding. It is generally used for grinding the edge chamfer arc board and other irregular part or surface of concrete floor. It is suitable for hard floor. It is effective in maintaining, repairing and revamping the concrete floor. It features sharp segment and can do rapid polishing. After being rough and fine grinded and polished, the floor surface will looks like a mirror. Normally nine pieces of our grinding discs can complete the job of 400 to 500 square meters concrete floor. Upon the condition of floor, you are advisable to choose quantity properly. We have H, M, S types for option. H is for hard concrete floor, M is for middle hard concrete floor and S is for soft concrete floor.

Technical Parameters
Model HT-Y2S
Segments Size 2*24*13
Grit 30#60#80#150#300#
Working type Wet/dry
Color Black, Golden, Red
packing 9pcs/box
Segments Size 2*24*13
Working type Wet/dry
Note 1.Black color(HF)for Hard concrete floor
2.Red color(MF)is neutrally for hard and soft concrete floor
3.Golden color(SF)for Soft concrete floor

Our company is an experienced dry and wet grinding disc manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as marble tile polishing disc, floor grinder, concrete floor polisher, and industrial vacuum cleaning machine.

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