Q9C Concrete Polishing Equipment

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Q9C Concrete polishing Equipment

The Q9C concrete polishing equipment is for the sake of large area industrial floor grinding. Its grinding plate can be fixed with eighteen grinding disks and available for all kinds of abrasives. The electric motor we choose for it is Siemens 15HP variable frequency super power type. Its double level planetary gear box can control the pressure itself, which enhances the work efficiency by three times. The application scope of this type of machine is wide. It can be used to grind the cement and various stone floors and remove the oxygen paint coating. We design the polishing equipment into lifting structure for convenient transport.

Technical Parameters
Model XY-Q9C
Motor 15HP
Voltage 380-440V
Weight 350kg Include Add weight:45kg/piece
Work Section 750mm
Speed 300-1980rpm
Tank 45L
Tools (Grinding disc) 260mm*3
Disc can be choose 9pieces and 18pieces

As a China-based concrete polishing equipment manufacturer and supplier, Xingyi Polishing Machine also offers large floor grinder, dry polishing pad, concrete floor metal disc, and industrial vacuum cleaning machine, among others.

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