X5 Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine

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X5 Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine

It can efficiently reduces the loss of abrasives and construction costs, which improves work efficiency and significantly.
1. This terrazzo floor polishing machine is applied with automatic regulation and can meet the different construction process requirements.
2. Its grinding plate, gear box and heavy-duty are all made of aluminum alloy. That gives it light weight but strong power and makes it capable of continuous working.
3. This product is equipped with vacuum equipment to achieve dry and wet working mode.
5. It has planet grind disc and new multifunction support frame system, which make it easy to change abrasives.
6. It has streamlined design, humanization folding handgrip and additional weight, which you can handle the machine conveniently yourself.
7. It is adopted with NSK or SKF bearing.

Technical Parameters
Model X5
Operating width 680mm
Grinding disc 320mm*4
Rotating speed 435-1900rpm
Voltage 380V-440V
Weight 350kg

Xingyi Polishing Machine is a professional terrazzo floor polishing machine manufacturer in China. We provide a array of products, including marble grinding machine, dry and wet grinding disc, industrial vacuum cleaner, and so on.

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