Concrete Floor Laser Screed

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Concrete Floor Laser Screed

The concrete floor laser screed is one of our most recommendable product. It is adopted full electronic control system. It gets power from the gasoline engine generator designed by ourselves. The automatic control system of this machine concentrates computer, laser measure instrument, servo drive, electronic gauge, and sensor in one body and can minimize the error ration of thickness and flatness of each floor. The two wheels of this machine are driven by two hydraulic motor respectively, and can move independently without affecting or being affected by flattener. The laser transmitter is independent and can ensure the preciseness. The flattener of the laser screed is made up of scraper, vibrator, vibration board, etc. It can one-step finish the processes of leveling, flat vibration, concrete vibration, etc. The vibration frequency of flattener can reach 4,000 times / min. The flattener is independent to the host machine so it can keep horizontal without be effected by foundation. Our concrete floor laser screed can work at a high speed of 300㎡ per hour. It can finish the leveling of 3,000 to 5,000㎡. The main parts of the machine can be dismantled for convenient transportation.

Technical Specification
Model HTG-ZP
Rated power 3kw (4.07HP)
Width of head attachment 1.8m
Vibration frequency ≥3500rpm
External size 2500*1800*2050 (mm)
Weight 280kg
Power supply system EP3800(E) Gasoline engine, 3.0kw 110v 60HZ 3000W Alternator
Drive system Electric servo system
Laser control system Laser transmitter, Laser Receiver
Wheels 33.5*25.4(cm)
Tire 711mm standard tire

Our concrete floor laser screed owns a couple of operational traits. It can work under automatic running mode or manual operation mode. It can be walk-behind controlled by only one operator. It can keep the horizontal of working in rugged circumstance,

The two processes of slicking and vibrating can be completed at the same time which can greatly enhance the work efficiency. The error ratio of floor thickness and flatness can be handled no more than 10mm/50m. The elevation can be out of the effect of moldboard, so there will be no accumulation error or crack in large area sectional construction and the later maintenance cost will be lowered. This machine features high working speed of more than 200 m2/h and can decrease the number of cold joint efficiently. Compared with vibration screen and roller screen, this machine can make better compaction effect. Using this machine, customer can reduce the workers and the risks of stepping onto steel fabric and concrete surface.

The concrete floor laser screed is applicable in many places. e.g. general industrial plant and workshop, automation warehouse, workshop of electronic and electrical appliances, food material and medicine, Large warehouse-style supermarket, logistics center, exhibition center etc, outdoor ground, container yard, freight yard, runway, tarmac, parking lot, square, residential floor, municipal road, etc.

As a China-based concrete floor laser screed manufacturer and supplier, Xingyi Polishing Machine offers a broad range of products that includes floor planetary grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner, floor grinding machine, and so on.

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