X1500 Concrete Floor Grinder

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X1500 Concrete Floor Grinder

Our X1500 concrete floor grinder features three 16.5HP high power variable speed electric motors that can be available for 24h working. Its motor are made of aluminum alloy and can be dismantled from machine for easy transportation or disassembled to change the machine into proper size. Our product's grinding disc and gear box are made of aluminum alloy. Thus it is light in weight and good in hardness. Its grinding disc is available for a variety of abrasives and abrasive pads such as HD and HTC. This type of floor grinder has a large size so it can be used for large area industrial concrete and stone floor. OEM is available for us. Customer can use it with a industrial vacuum cleaner to fulfill the integration function.

Technical Parameters
Model X1500
Operating width 1400mm
Grinding disc 230mm*9
Rotating speed 300-1600rpm
HP 16.5HP
Voltage 380V-440V
Weight 595kg

As a specialized concrete floor grinder manufacturer in China, Xingyi Polishing Machine also offers surface polishing machine, concrete grinding disc, concrete and stone leveling machine, large floor grinder, and so on.

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