X588 Concrete Floor Polishing Machine

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X588 Concrete Floor Polishing Machine

1. The X588 concrete floor polishing machine is designed with gear drive.
2. Provided with four grinding heads, the operation is smooth and you can enjoy the perfect polishing effect.
3. This machine is produced with automatic regulation; it can meet different operating requirement. Additionally, the abrasive used for operation is reduced.
4. The stainless steel control panel makes for the longer service life of the product.
5. The grinding disc, gear box and the heavy-duty motor are all made of aluminum alloy. The light weight and the strong power of the motor will help you to improve your working efficiency.
6. The X588 concrete floor polishing machine can work continuously.
7. The planetary grinding plate is suitable for different kinds of abrasives. This product can work with vacuum cleaner under both wet and dry patterns.
8. Produced with new type multi-function stand, it is very convenient for you to replace the abrasives.
9. It is very easy for you to carry this machine because of its detachable design.
10. The handgrip is foldable. The separation of the balancing weight made of iron, as well as the automatic lifting system, makes it very easy for you to operate this machine.

Standard Configurations
1. 8cm/10cm magnet conversion device. The sizes and quantity for different machines are different.
2. One waterproof gasket
3. English manual
4. Golden frame
5. White water tank with the logo of our company
6. Delta inverter
7. IE2 motor
8. Switzerland SKF bearings
9. Stainless steel screws
10. Double oil seal
11. One plug
12. 2/4 carrying pole (Quantity is different for different machines.)
13. Balancing weight made of iron

Guarantee Period
Model Motor Inverter Gearbox Spare Parts Note
Q series One year One year Two years One year Freight by seller
X series One year One year One year Half a year Freight by buyer
Technical Specifications
Model X588
Operating Width 580mm
Voltage 380V-440V, three phase
Rotating Speed 350-1680rpm
Amperage 15.5A
Weight 280kg
Additional Weight 40kg×1
Grinding Disc 294mm×4
Application Wet and dry
Dust and Vacuum Connector Yes
Water Tank 30L
Cable Length No cable
Packing Size 122×80×120cm
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