X8 Floor Grinding Machine

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X8 Floor Grinding Machine

Our X8 floor grinding machine is applied with wonder variable frequency 7.5HP electric motor with affords to grind industrial terrace continuously. It has square and flat chassis which is strong enough to afford long-time work. The grinding width of our product can reach 660mm and this width is suitable for large area renewing or milling of marble and cement.

Technical Parameters
Working width580mm
Voltage380V-440V, Three phase
Rotating speed300-1680rpm
Amperage capacity11A
Weight 290kg
Additional weight30kg*1
Tool holder diameter4*300mm
Application wet and dry
Vacuum connectoryes
Water tank capacity20L
Cable lengthNo cable
Packing size122*80*120cm

Xingyi Polishing Machine is a professional floor grinding machine manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes stair polishing machine, concrete polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine, and so on.

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  • X1 Concrete and Stone Grinding MachineOur X1 concrete and stone grinding machine has 10HP variable frequency electric motor which is more than enough for use in industrial floor grinding. It has rectangle chassis which can ensure the flatness. Its work width is 660mm that is especially suitable for grinding and renovating large area marble and cement floor. Our product has the traits of high precision, hardness and long service life.
  • X2 Marble Grinding MachineOur X2 marble grinding machine is applied with 220V variable speed electric motor. We take use of aluminum alloy to make its gear box and motor in order to enhance the durability of whole machine. Its running speed ranges from 300rpm to 1200rpm. This type of machine features replaceable planetary grinding disk and it is very useful in small and medium project.